Petrichor Publishing


[pe-trahy-kawr, ‐ker]

a pleasant smell which frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.


How did you start?

Founded in 2018, Petrichor Publishing is the brainchild of a now married couple who met abroad in 2015 while pursuing their MFAs in Creative Writing. They could go into the romantic details of how their feelings for one another evolved into the overwhelming love it is today, but that is a different story for a different day! Petrichor Publishing is their response and obligation to themselves to continually do what they love to do, which is bettering themselves through reading, writing, and the advancement of the written word!

Why choose the name Petrichor?

For all of us at Petrichor Publishing, words are like drops of rain which fall on a warm, dry day – they nourish the ground and create the pleasant, memorable smell of the written word. Each book which is read, whether published by Petrichor Publishing or by a different publisher, is a unique insight into the perspectives of the submitting author. It creates clarity and draws our sometimes differing understandings of the world closer together.

What is the Mission?

Ultimately, at Petrichor Publishing, we want what you want, which is the opportunity for the world to read your work. We want your words to dance off the page and into the minds of your readers. We strive to publish the best which is offered and demand our authors give us the best they can write. Most importantly, we want you to be successful, because no matter what, your success is our success.

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